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Saving More Lives Begins With 2 Mech Vents

Taking a more proactive approach towards its advocacy of advancing developments in the healthcare sector, Bell-Kenz Pharma donated two brand new units of pulmonary mechanical ventilators (Mindray SV-300 3-in-1 Ventilators) to Bulacan Medical Center (BMC) on August 29, 2023.

As the only tertiary, teaching and training government hospital in Bulacan, the influx of referral patients in BMC has led to a shortage in medical equipment and infrastructure, a fundamental aspect in ensuring the delivery of optimal medical care. By donating to BMC, we aim to enhance the hospital’s capacity to provide adequate patient care and empower healthcare workers by providing them with tools and equipment that make saving lives possible. This aligns with the company’s broader mission of serving and giving back to the community where it operates.

To date, the machines are already operational and are being used by the institution’s  Internal Medicine and Pediatric departments. The donation to BMC is among one of our efforts here at Bell-Kenz Pharma to create a tangible difference in the lives of others as we continue to strive for quality healthcare and medical innovation.

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