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BK Heart Scholarship Program Targets 500 Scholars Nationwide in 2024

Updated: Apr 25

In a significant expansion of its commitment to education, Bell Kenz's BK Heart Scholarship Program is poised to support 500 scholars across the Philippines in 2024. Launched in 2019, this initiative has been transformative for individuals in marginalized communities, offering them scholarship grants and financial aid to pursue higher education.

The program has already achieved notable success, producing 5 doctors and 17 graduates in critical fields such as science, engineering, and business. These individuals have contributed to lifting their families out of poverty, demonstrating the profound impact of educational support.

Bell Kenz continues to champion the belief that education is a pivotal tool for societal change. By increasing the scholarship capacity, the organization aims to empower more students to break the cycle of poverty and contribute to national development.

This expansion highlights Bell Kenz’s commitment to nurturing educational opportunities as a pathway to long-term socio-economic development across the nation.

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