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Bell-Kenz Pharma, Inc. Launches Community Health Initiative with Better World Centers

Bell-Kenz Pharma officers turn over PhP 10 million worth of essential medicines to Better World Cubao.

Bell-Kenz Pharma, Inc. announces its collaboration with Better World centers with a donation of essential medicines, aiming to contribute to the well-being of communities across the Philippines. These centers are dedicated to addressing various local needs, from health services to community empowerment.

The initial tranche of the PhP 10 million donation was turned over at Better World Cubao (BWC), a health, empowerment, and recovery (H.E.R.) center for women from underprivileged backgrounds, including victims of violence.

Better World centers serve as crucial support hubs in their respective communities, including Tondo, Diliman, Cubao, and Smokey Mountain. Each center focuses on unique aspects of community development, such as providing food, health services, empowering women, and offering educational opportunities. Bell-Kenz’ contribution is the beginning of our ongoing commitment to assist these communities and ensure they have access to necessary resources.

Bell-Kenz Pharma is inspired by the overall work of Better World, which emphasizes health and empowerment across various demographics. By providing health services, workshops, counselling and legal consultations, these centers play a vital role in supporting underprivileged individuals.

Bell-Kenz Pharma, Inc. remains steadfast in its commitment to community support and development, firmly believing that real change is achieved through collaboration and collective effort. By partnering with Better World, Bell-Kenz aims to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those who need it most.

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